Five Coffee Shops To Visit In Spokane:

Table of Contents:

  1. Vessel Coffee roasters
  2. Indaba Coffee
  3. Cedar Coffee
  4. Tom Sawyer Country Coffee
  5. Begona Coffee

1. Vessel Coffee Roasters Review


With its luxurious and spacious interior, Vessel Coffee Roasters offers a peacful and relaxing vibe for those looking to read a book or work on your laptop while sipping coffee.

With over 350 reviews on Google, this is the location to check out if you want to fuel your coffee addiction.

The drip coffee, lattes, and mochas all taste richer and smoother. So check out their location and drop by!

2. Indaba Coffee Review


Indaba Coffee isn’t just any coffee shop. It is a coffee shop with a purpose to change the world through hospitality.

With several locations in Spokane, finding good tasting coffee is no longer a challenge.

With 300+ reviews across all locations, have no doubt that you’ll leave satisfied.

3. Cedar Coffee Review

Cedar Coffee offers a unique experience for any coffee-lover. It features a European-style coffee shop which includes pastries and much more.

All syrups are homemade which only improves the taste of your coffee.

The environment is peaceful and warm. If you’re in the area, check it out.

4. Tom Sawyer Country Coffee Review


Located in the Kendall Yards area of Spokane, Tom Sawyer Country Coffee is a unique coffee shop that has excellent local roasts in Spokane.

Their bags of coffee have been a rising popularity in Spokane, as well as their location.

Come by and checkout their shop if you’re in the area.

5. Begona Coffee Review

Begona Coffee Review

Begona Coffee is a fairly new coffee shop in Downtown Spokane. It is located in the lobby of the Bank of America building right next to Spokane Transit Authority Plaza.

This coffee shop provides very delicious coffee at a convenient location.

Not only that… their drip coffee is amazing!

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