Basketball in Spokane

Hoopfest is the largest basketball event of its kind in the world. Each year, Hoopfest garners attendees from all over the states. There have been over 27,000 players and 7,000 teams in 2011. Spokane Hoopfest is located near Riverfront Park.

The event is not just a basketball event, but also features live music, merchandise shops, and food trucks.

General Event Information:

Hoopfest is an annual event on the final weekend of June, beginning on Saturday and ending on the following Sunday.

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There are 428 courts spread in the downtown area, resulting in 40 city blocks inaccessible to vehicles.

Teams and Division Information:

Teams are created based on age, playing experience, height, gender, and competitiveness.

  • Standard (The vast majority of teams qualify here)
  • Adult
  • High School (oldest player entering grade 9-12)
  • Youth (oldest player entering grade 3-8)
  • For each standard level, there is the option of team gender (M, F, Co-Ed) and competitiveness level (Recreational or Competitive).
  • 3BA Adult Elite
  • Men’s Over 6 foot
  • Men’s under 6 foot
  • Women’s
  • Co-Ed
  • 3BA High School Varsity
  • Men’s
  • Women’s
  • 3BA Freshman Elite
  • Men’s
  • Women’s